Envisage™ - Strategic Planning Process

Graphique's unique Envisage™ process highlights the driving value that you bring to a customer, focuses your message and prioritizes your marketing and sales initiative needs. In addition, by positioning your message on the right audience and converging the effort of the sales force, it improves your potential for successful market penetration.

Phase I - Assessment of Your Organization
The review is initiated with an in-depth client consultation and research to determine the nature of the business, define marketing objectives and develop a characteristic customer profile. Phase 1 begins the process of identifying the client's unique product and service values used to drive the customer to action.

Phase II - Evaluation of Marketing Approach
Identification of the compelling events, competitive landscape, and the unique business needs of the market are captured in the second step of the process. Graphique will review all available industry studies, research SIC and other informational sources for competitors in the defined market space and review competitive business models to assess product and service offerings. A survey of the company's existing clients would be undertaken to determine if the client's unique business value would be effective in driving new prospects to action.

Phase III - Innovation and Priorities
At the final stage, Graphique counsels the client as to the company's positioning and motivations. A list of marketing initiatives can now be defined and prioritized from both a "Current Need and Future Goals" basis. By insuring that the needs of both the broad market and specific target segments are fully communicated, the sales force can then execute a plan focused on the strategic objective.

Phase IV - Establishment of Metrics and Feedback
DMAIC, the Six Sigma process of Definition, Measurement, Analysis, Improvement and Control is applied to the marketing plan to establish points of measurement and feedback. These metrics will be used to track progress against the plan and tailor the initiative to meet the client's defined goals. The monitoring is accomplished using the dashboard concept, providing the client with a visual indicator of success. Changes to the metrics and strategies can then be implemented to develop a "Best Practice", constantly improving the overall market penetration strategy.







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