MediaPlay Description:
The Media Viewer configuration provides for an auto launch/play environment where the user to simply inserts the CD in to a computer and the interactive presentation immediately begins. Development media includes digital movies, audio tracks, dynamic visual effects, and 3-D animation. Examples of this Media Viewer configuration include:

Corporate Capability Videos
Product Presentations
Safety Training
Employee Orientation
Investor Relations
Product Training

Feature and Benefits:
· Interactive Menus
· Graphical Interface
· Limited only by the size of the CD
· Provides viewing of most widely used media types
· Compatible with Business Card, Mini and standard CDROMs

MediaLibrary Description: The most popular configuration of the Media Viewer family combines the interactive flexibility of a web browser and the convenience of a digital library. By auto-launching into a browser environment, the user simply selects document options from familiar, menu driven, navigation screens. Based upon industry standard browser technology, InterActive CDROM library is compatible with all types of documents including .doc, .xls, .ppt, .jpg, .htm, .mpg and many other types of digital media. MediaLibrary offers a cost effective medium for the sourcing of digital document collections including:

Sales Literature
Company Overviews
Product Information
Spec Sheets
Rate Sheets
Product Manuals

Annual Reports
Press Releases
Media Kits
Trade Show Promotions

For convenience, the document library file system allows our clients to update any of the CD Document Files without having to recompile the CD program. Simply update and replicate!

Feature and Benefits:
· Based Upon Internet Explorer Standards
· Menu Driven
· Limited only by the size of the CD
· Provides viewing of all document types
· Eliminates the need for full document application installation
· Update Files at will without reconfiguring CD master (Optional)
· Compatible with Business Card, Mini and standard CDROMs

MediaConnect Description: By connecting the user to your private server from within the interactive CD-ROM presentation, the user can consistently receive the most up to date information on your company its products, services, news and events. MediaConnect is compatible with all web environments including the most complex database driven sources, providing high security and real-time linkage to constantly changing data such as on-line catalogs, pricing estimators, inventory information, and even other documents such as audio & video presentations. Typical MediaConnect on-line applications include:

Product Specification Programs
Price Estimation Calculators
Company Profile Utility for Shareholders

Inventory Databases
On-line Ordering Systems

Feature and Benefits:
· Can be used in any CD Configuration, MediaPlay or MediaLibrary
· MediaConnect Documents are discreetly and remotely updated at run-time
· Hack Unaware. Users of your CD don't have to know where the information is coming from
· Compatible with Business Card, Mini and standard CDROMs


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