Graphique's SelectWeb Process

Our step-by-step process of consultation, definition of usability requirements, creative content design and the development of content prior to programming guarantee a cost effective approach to every client's need. Based upon Six Sigma DMAIC development process, our projects are tailored to help increase our client's web efficiency in an increasingly competitive environment.

Consulting Services

Customer Assessment - Profiles the customers need for content on your website.

Web Strategy - Definition of the business model of the website, i.e. will the site be a repository of information, drive a CRM database or generate a revenue stream via e-commerce and credit card services.

Performance Requirement - Defining the specific performance issues relating to hardware platform and browser requirements.

Technical Consulting - Definition of ISP requirements, 3rd party interface and integration of web applications.

Site Engineering - We offer assistance with the selection and setup of the appropriate web hosting service to match your requirements for functional support, future growth and rate competitiveness.


Page layout - translating your identity and message into a compelling design is our specialty. We produce best in class web page layout ensuring that your identity and message are consistent throughout the web site.

Navigation - User friendliness and speed are arguably the two most important factors in keeping a customer on your site. We integrate the right balance of technology and selectivity to keep them coming back.

Content Development - web media demands that content be concise and to the point. We work with our clients to optimize graphics and create the right message for your customers.

Interactive Design - from web casts requiring streaming audio and video to Flash based banner ads we create the multimedia content that brings your web site to life.


Navigation & Page Development - Everything from static HTML page layout to cascading style sheets can affect the navigation, performance and development time of your site. We blend just the right features to meet your specific needs.

Interface Design - From database inquiries to complex backend system interface, we specialize in the design and implementation of seamless collaboration to all web application environments.

Multimedia Content Integration - Streaming audio & video, flash development and much more can be added to enhance your web site experience.

Database Design - from on-line archives and directories to the gathering of customer data we will configure the right DB approach for your hosting service and information retrieval needs.

Site Support

Search Engine Optimization - Effective search engine optimization and submission of your site is a way to dramatically increase the number of visitors your site will receive. The selected ISP can provide statistics to help you constantly monitor the statistics so that best practices for site selectivity, file structure and search engine compatibility can be developed.

Web Maintenance - Whether you are looking to enhance a web presence, update an existing Web site or implement a new Web strategy, Graphique's talented professionals offer a complete range of website optimization, design and promotion services to help you meet your business goals.

Statistical Tracking - Once you've attracted the potential customer to your site information relating to click thru rates, referring URL and time on site can provide the client useful feedback to measure the functionality of the site and improve your customer experience.

Web Applications - Graphique provides interface and development of the following application environments:

Marketing Sites
Shopping Systems
Registration Systems
Data & Transactional Security
Payment Processing
On-Line Database
Flash & Streaming Media
Search Functionality
HTML Newsletters
Job Boards
Bulletin Boards
Online Surveys
Restricted Access
Web Maintenance

Extended Web Services

Programming and Site Engineering

Graphique provides a complete breadth of services to ensure that website subsystems are optimized and interface seamlessly and create a complete system environment. Your customer may never see the complexity of the systems running behind the server portal but will suffer from overall system response and performance unless tightly integrated. These backend programming and site engineering services include:

Scripting & Programming
CSS (Stylesheets)
VB Script
.net web services
Database Services
Web-application integration
Web-application design & development
Dynamic page generation
Database Design
Database integration
SQL Server
Access & FileMaker Pro Interactive Components

Backend Solutions

Our backend services include implementation of the following functional capabilities:

E-commerce Capabilities
Shopping Systems
Credit Card Processing
Member Registration
Restricted Access Control
Login & Password Retrieval
Electronic Newsletters
Streaming Content
Keyword search
Content Search Systems
Online Surveys
Job Boards
Bulletin Boards
Online Chat
Customer Support
Flash & Interactive
Customer Support

Search Engine Optimization

To produce measurable search engine ranking results for your site, we work closely with you to employ the best practices for site selectivity, file structure and search engine compatibility. We strive to identify the process metrics that provide you with the feedback and optimize your website exposure.

While no one can guarantee search engine positioning results, Graphique constantly monitors the industry for new techniques to cooperatively achieve top search engine ranking results. Site selectivity metrics include:

Use of headlines
Keyword phrases in body text
Use of short, topic specific pages
Keyword phrase weighting of:
Titles, Description Meta and Keyword Meta tags
Alt and H1 tags
Body text
Keyword Weighting
Proximity to top
Keyword Weighting of URLs
Keyword Repetition (as allowed by search engines)
Domains, File Structure and Site Indexing
Identification of appropriate domains
Optimize website file structure and hierarchy
Identification of site map requirements
Dynamic Pages
Ensure that dynamic pages are index-able by search engine









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